5 07 17

The Chief Justice candidate, Justice Sophia Akuffo, states she does not authorize of the practice of legal representatives marketing their services on social networks.

Inning accordance with her, ad of legal services is undesirable and the habits are inappropriate to the bar.

Reacting to a concern by the Appointment Committee in Parliament on claims that the judicial service was running antiquated laws that disallowed ad on social networks, Sophia Akuffo stated such concerns were primarily regulative and did not have much to do with the judicial service.

She included, “Personally, I think that self-respect of the bar is as essential as the self-respect of the judiciary and the idea of legal representatives promoting themselves on social networks is personally horrible to me. That aside, the law is there plainly versus promoting because promoting is an incorrect conduct on the part of the lawyer.”.

The Supreme Court Justice continued that, “Self-advertisement is among those disapproved in lots of jurisdictions, there are some that allow it, but I have actually not studied the scope of those consents. Facebook, Twitter … at the minute will not fall in the allowable locations. You can have a website and put yourself on your website.”.

Peaceful many legal stars have actually voiced their diverse viewpoint on the issue. Their remarks followed a lawyer, Francis Xavier Sosu, was slapped with a 3-year restriction by the General Legal Counsel for overcharging a customer and marketing his services on Facebook.

Some legal representatives are of the view that the punitive procedure was too severe and unreasonable, others are requiring an evaluation of policies versus marketing for lawyer.